Graphology is the study of handwriting in order to analyze a person’s character. Real handwriting experts are known as forensic document examiners not graphologists. Graphology first came into being around about 3,000 years ago by the Chinese. The Romans also used graphology.
Things that are considered when studying hand writing is the letter spacing, slants and heights of letters, ending strokes, loops and dotted Is and crossed Ts. Forensic document examiners often examine writing for forgery and authenticity.
Graphologists believe that there is a connection between a person’s unconscious mental state and their handwriting; meaning that the handwriting can tell as much about a person as palmistry and astrology can.
Graphology however is not very reliable as people do not have just one way of writing, some people use different styles of writing for different reasons. If you were writing a letter to someone superior or an employer you would use your very best writing; whereas notes would be your quick common writing.