Answer: d Explanation: The microvilli facilitate absorption of nutrients and project outwards from the apical cell surface because of the presence of a skeleton made of filaments. These filaments are composed of the protein actin.

Answer: b
Explanation: Epithelial cells line the intestine and are responsible for the uptake and absorption of nutrients from the digestive tract. Microvilli are located at the apical end of these cells and mitochondria are located at the basal end.

Answer: b
Explanation: The first culture of human cells was performed by George and Martha Gey in 1951 at John Hopkins University in 1951. Henrietta Lacks donated these cells from her malignant tumor named – HeLa cells.

Answer: b Explanation: Parts of a cell called cell organelles deteriorate if isolated from the whole cell and hence they cannot be cultured in vitro. Whole cells on the other hand can be cultured in a laboratory.

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